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Aspiring librarian/former screen studies student who dreams of one day dabbling in film programming or archiving film documents or at the very least serving popcorn at an independent theater of some kind! I'm a lifelong pursuer of film to the point where it in large part defines me. I write so I can remember and so I can grow in my efforts to articulate. The online film community is a wondrous place where I hope to interact with many fellow cinephiles!

Idolizes Louise Brooks, Leonard Cohen, Joanna Newsom and Jim Henson. Favorite film is Bringing Up Baby (although in a couple of years I feel Shop Around the Corner could take that coveted spot) but I literally have hundreds and hundreds of favorite films that range from Fat Girl and Dogtooth to The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Emperor's New Groove. I also write for Verite, CineOutsider, and Criterion Cast.

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Outside of the TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman’s). My I Love Lucy fanaticism has led to coming into contact with John Wayne’s footprints. 

Pictures of/with hand/footprints of Charles Laughton, Barbara Stanwyck, Gloria Swanson, William Powell, Rosliand Russell, Lee Byung-hun, Peter Sellers, James Mason, Norma Shearer, Judy Garland, John Wayne

Includes: GAS FOOD LODGING (1992, Anders), ORLANDO (1992, Potter), MAUVAIS SANG (1986, Carax), STEP BROTHERS (2008, McKay), and CAREFUL (1992, Maddin)

Includes thoughts on:
Child’s Pose, Stranger by the Lake, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, 22 Jump Street 

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Michael Fassbender
cinenthusiast cinenthusiast Said:

A. First film I saw them in 
B. Favorite performance
Shame or Jane Eyre
C. Favorite film they appear in
Fish Tank
D. Last film I watched them in
12 Years a Slave
E. If I were forced to pick a weaker performance
F. Underappreciated performance
G. Biggest viewing gap
Going with Eden Lake, which I’ve wanted to catch up with before even knowing Fassbender was in it
H. Least favorite film they appeared in
Jonah Hex

Bong Joon-ho, and only Bong Joon-ho, would have a film that features its protagonist tripping on a fish, in slow-motion no less, during an axes-out action scene. Bong, and only Bong, would make a film that allows the wildly divergent performances of grim revolutionary Chris Evans and villain-out-of-a-Roald Dahl book Tilda Swinton to successfully play off each other in the same space. And how many filmmakers would make a blockbuster that has the audaciousness to suggest, especially since the film itself thrives off a directly parallel narrative structure of rigidity, that structural disbandment isn’t enough; that wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch may be the best solution to humanity’s suffering.”

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Children’s/Junior/YA bookshelf all set up at the new apartment!!!!

Unless indicated, each film listed is a one-time answer. I love how many different responses there were:

Amazing Spider Man 2
Fading Gigolo
Best Night Ever
And So It Goes
Transformers: Age of Extinction
Transcendence - 2
The Legend of Hercules
Deliver Us From Evil
Jodorowsky’s Dune
The Square
God’s Not Dead
Filth - 2
Fault in Our Stars
Jersey Boys - 2
Godzilla - 2
Under the Skin
Drive Hard
A Million Ways to Die in the West
I, Frankenstein - 2
The Sacrament
Labor Day
The Monuments Men - 2
Muppets Most Wanted
Ride Along
Vampire Academy 
X-Men: Days of Future Past

I’m taking a survey on twitter and tumblr about what people think are the worst/their least favorite film of 2014 so far from what they’ve seen. A lot of the same films pop up when talking about halftime favorites but worst seems to bring in a very wide array of answers. Be sure to answer! I’ll have a full list of people’s picks up later tonight




Xavier Dolan in Candy Magazine 2013

ciao seconde partie.


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Capsule Reviews: Films Seen in 2014 #130-134

Covers: Belle (2014, Asante), Joe (2014, Green), Enemy (2014, Villenuve), The Story of Qiu Ju (1992, Zhang), Hyenas (1992, Mambety)