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Aspiring librarian/former screen studies student who dreams of one day dabbling in film programming or archiving film documents or at the very least serving popcorn at an independent theater of some kind! I'm a lifelong pursuer of film to the point where it in large part defines me. I write so I can remember and so I can grow in my efforts to articulate. The online film community is a wondrous place where I hope to interact with many fellow cinephiles!

Idolizes Louise Brooks, Leonard Cohen, Joanna Newsom and Jim Henson. Favorite film is Bringing Up Baby (although in a couple of years I feel Shop Around the Corner could take that coveted spot) but I literally have hundreds and hundreds of favorite films that range from Fat Girl and Dogtooth to The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Emperor's New Groove. I also write for Verite, CineOutsider, and Criterion Cast.

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#139. The Heat (2013, Feig)

If I were a member of the Academy, chances are I’d submit Melissa McCarthy in The Heat for Best Actress. If there’s been better comedic work by a female in the last few years I haven’t seen it. She dusts off one-liners like they are nothing at all (they come flying at us at breakneck speed) and creates a full and layered character within a comedic framework. Her and Bullock create the best onscreen duo since Hill/Tatum in 21 Jump Street. Not coincidentally, both are buddy cop films. And unlike 21 Jump Street, which falters in its last third, The Heat manages to stay consistent with its weaknesses trinkled throughout without hindering it too much at any given time. I had such a blast watching this and Feig’s direction really comes through in getting the most laughs out of chaotic situations. Two examples being the scene at the club and the drinking montage. I’ve realized over the years that I like Sandra Bullock a lot, but she is one of those actresses who I never get to appreciate because of the projects she attaches herself to. The Heat really gave me a chance to appreciate her comedic timing. Also, I wasn’t aware until the opening credits that it was also written by a woman so; extra points.

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